Circle of Paolo Veronese, 'Feast at the House of Simon'

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Pencil, Ink, Heightened in white
33 x 80 cm

Private collection


This drawing of The Feast in the House of Simon was crafted around 1570-1580 when the famous Italian artist Paolo Veronese painted this subject twice. The two paintings, currently in the Pinacotheca di Brera Milano and the Musée du Louvre Paris, are huge paintings of a festive meal in a palace. The style of this drawing is very similar to the famous chiaroscuro drawings Veronese made in the second half of the sixteenth century. Different studies and drawings of this subject are known. Richard Cocke reflects on one drawing from Veronese in his book Veronese drawings (57 p.143). Musée du Louvre has a very detailed drawing of the subject in the collection made by Veronese’s brother, Benedetto Calliari. The drawing was made in the same period and is very similar to this drawing. The subject of the Feast in the house of Simon is described in all the gospels. Veronese probably used Luke as his inspiration (Luke 7 36-50). On the backside of the drawing a text is written in Old Italian.

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