Thomas Heeremans (Haarlem 1641-1694 Haarlem), 'Cheerful party in front of a tavern'

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Thomas Heeremans (Haarlem 1641-1694 Haarlem)
35.5 x 44.5 cm

Wieg fine art ca. 1995
Private collection Loenen aan de Vecht

This painting depicting a merry company in front of an inn is typical for the work of Thomas Heeremans.

His name had been forgotten for a long time since his signature DTHMans with intertwined T and H was read as F.H. Mans. In old inventories and auction catalogues this master can be found listed under the mistaken name. 

Heeremans married Trijntje Claesdr. from Leiden on 4 December 1663 in Haarlem. Their five children were born between 1664 and 1673 and they were all baptized in the Reformed Church. After Trijntje’s death (buried on 26 September 1680) Thomas married Sibilla Juriaensdr., a woman from the county Marck in Germany, with whom he raised a son, Gijsbert.

Heeremans was an apprentice of Ceasar van Everdingen who was active between 1648 and 1658 in Haarlem. Despite this, the work of Heeremans does not seem to be influenced by his master. His work rather resembles that of Jacob van Ruisdael and Klaes Molenaer especially, a fellow townsman and contemporary.

Heeremans is well-known for his winter landscapes of a skater before a fantastical city wall. Most probably these scenes had a summer pendant of an inn with celebrating farmers. This painting is such an example of a summery scene by Heeremans.


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