Gothic single-knop candlestick

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C. 1450-1500
15.5 cm

Sotheby’s, The Frits Philips Collection, Eindhoven 2006, p. 156.
O. ter Kuile, Koper & Brons, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam 1986, p. 99, 100.
C. Bangs, The Lear Collection. A Study of Copper-Alloy Socket Candlesticks A.D. 200-1700, cat. no. 13.


Frits Philips Collection, Eindhoven

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This Gothic candlestick with a single discoid knop is excavated and has some green patina. The candlestick is made up of two parts, the stem and the foot. The low, profiled conical base has an upright edge and is tapering towards the centre. The round stem with a single small knop is riveted to the conical middle part of the foot. The foot also functions as a drip pan for the excess wax of the candle. At the top, the stem turns into a slightly flared cylindrical socket.

The socket has no openings on the side. This is exceptional; many similar Netherlandish candlesticks from the fifteenth century have two square holes in the socket, in order to remove the remaining candle wax after burning. The stem and socket are decorated with thin ribs. 

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