A the Hague clock by Joseph Norris Amsterdam

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C. 1680
Ebony, Gilt-Brass, Oak, Silvering
Joseph Norris Amsterdam
38.3 x 26.8 x 14.4 cm

Literature: Dr R. Plomp, Spring-driven Dutch pendulum clocks 1657-1710, p. 66, 174-175.

Joseph Norris (1650-1696?) was born in Abbington, England. In 1674 Norris started working in Amsterdam where he became one of the most important clockmakers and pioneer of the making of Dutch longcase clocks. Ahaseurus Fromanteel was his former mentor. Norris did not return to England until 1692. He probably was the first to make longcase clocks with a ‘Royal Pendulum’ in Holland, starting in or immediately after 1675, as Fromanteel imported them complete from England.

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