An Almanach Perpetuum

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Dated 1685
Gilding, Walnut, Pallisander
67 x 42 cm

A perpetual calendar with a carved frame that is gilt to the side, inscribed: "Gemaeckt int-jaer Anno 1685"  (Made in the year Anno 1685)

A rare wall calendar carved from walnut with a baroque frame and original rosewood buttons to denote the day, date, month and year/ date of Easter. Remains of gilding adhere to the frame. On the upper part of the frame is a winged putto flanked by floral garlands. These frame the centre that shows the various denotations below the word ALMANACH. 

On the left are the names of the months, in the centre the numbers of the days and on the right the names of the seven days of the week and the date 1685. Below is a chart for the calculation of the Easter date which has been scratched away for the most part, possibly due to the ever changing date of Easter causing the calculations of the calender to become useless after 1690. Also, the button for the year would have become redundant. It is likely that after 1691 the new dates for Easter were written on small pieces of paper and glued into the relevant compartments. This idea is supported by the fact that the horizontal separation of the Golden number that was unusable after 1701 and that was replaced by the Epacta. 

Also the date 1685 has largely been scratched away, possibly to be adjusted every six years. Without a doubt these adjustments attributed to the preservation of the piece. Otherwise it would have, as much of the 17th-century household utensils, considered to be of no use and discarded. 

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