Blue and white beer mugs with contemporary silver mounting

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Kangxi Period, 1662 - 1722
Porcelain, silver
15.5 cm
8.5 cm

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A pair of Chinese export porcelain beer mugs, made around 1700 with marked contemporary Dutch silver mounting. The Kangxi blue and white porcelain mug has ogee moulding and is relatively thinly potted. The blue and white decoration consists of branches of flowering plants, with a decorative rim of petals or waves at the bottom and spirals at the top. The rim of the cover of the mug is decorated with the same pattern as on top of the mug and in the middle of the lid is a round, stylised flower. The silver on the handle of the mugs is shaped like a leaf, with a round thumbpiece.

These Chinese beer mugs are mounted on contemporary Dutch silver, creating a fascinating fusion between East and West, and celebrating the rarity of the material, the exotic nature and the beauty of the piece. The mounting of oriental porcelain began when trade was opened with Japan and China in the 16th and 17th centuries and porcelain objects were brought to Europa. Examples from the early Renaissance have been preserved and the mounting of porcelain made the objects more attractive for the European collector.


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