Bowl with Long Eliza's

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Kangxi Period, 1662 - 1722
10.2 cm
20.4 cm

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The outside of this blue and white bowl is decorated with six Long Eliza’s with flowers. Below the Long Eliza’s are molded petals with lingzhi mushrooms in ruyi shape. The inside of the bowl is decorated with a Long Eliza with flowers in her hands, surrounded by big peonies. The inside is moulded with lingzhi mushrooms in every leaf-shaped medallion. The rim of the bowl is decorated with a blue geometrical diamond pattern. The bottom of thisi bowl is marked with the six character Chenghua mark (Da Ming Chenghua Nian Zhi).

The elongated women portrayed on the bowl are ‘Long Eliza’s’, a term used to describe the tall women on Chinese export porcelain. The term 'Long Eliza’s' is derived from the Dutch term ‘Lange Lijzen’. Usually the pair of Long Eliza’s consist of a taller figure, He Xiangu and a shorter figure, Lan Caihe: both are part of the Daiost Eight Immortals. The influence of the European, and especially the Dutch market, on the Chinese export porcelain is particularly visible in this motif.  


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