Brass candlestick

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Southern Netherlands
15th century
20 cm

B. Dubble & R Meischke (ed.), Thuis in de late middeleeuwen, Zwolle 1980, p. 30, afb. 4.
R.F. Michaelis, Old domestic base-metal candlesticks, British Library 1997, p. 53.

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The candlestick has a turned stem with two knobs above a low, profiled conical base with raised rim. The rim is decorated with holes, perforated in the shape of a cinquefoil. The foot also functions as a drip pan for the excess wax of the candle. The round stem with two small knops is riveted to the conical middle part of the foot. The candle holder has two openings with a small hole above. These openings serve to remove the remaining candle wax after burning. The foot and the holder are decorated with rills.


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