Bronze marriage mortar by Mamees Frémy

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35 cm
40 cm

D.A. Wittop Koning, Nederlandse vijzels, Weert 1989, p. 38,41.
A. Lehr, De klokkengieters François en Pieter Hemony, Asten 1959, p. 17.

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This marriage mortar is made by Mamees Frémy in October 1620. This mortar was made for the marriage of Hans Wilhelm Cloothack and Elisabet Jacobs Zyltoch. The inscription on the mortar says 'HANS WILHELM CLOOTHACK EN ELISABET IAKOBS ZYLTOCH’ ‘MAMEES FREMY ME FECIT ANNO 1620 IN OCTOBER'. The words in the inscription are seperated with a decorative flower. This mortar is decorated with two friezes. The upper frieze depicts a lion flanked by two birds of prey, surrounded by grapes and foliage. The frieze below is decorated with a ram's head surmounting a coat-of-arms held by two human figures.

Mamertus Frémy (also known as Mammartus, Mammees, Mammes and Frimigei or Formica) was a member of the well-known Lorraine Frémy family. In 1614 he was the owner of a moulding company at the Karthuizenstraat in Amsterdam. This mortar is a rare example by the master. Successive generations of the Frémy family have been working in moulding companies, in Amsterdam and Winterswijk. The Frémy family was also related to the well-known Hemony family.



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