Pair of bronze candlesticks

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The Netherlands
Late 15th, early 16th century
Bronze, cast and turned
33 cm

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These two candlesticks are made of cast and turned bronze. A candle could be attached to the pin at the top of the candlestick and the drip pan underneath caught the excess candle wax. The cast conical base of the candlestick turns in a profiled trunk. The base, trunk, and wax catcher are decorated with thinly cut rings. The wax catcher has a narrow upright edge. The trunk is hollow inside to the first knob. The candlestick are completely original except for the tip (2.5 cm.) of the pricket, this has been restored.

Candles and the lighting of candles are important in the liturgy and rituals of various churches. Candlesticks like these often survive in pairs as they were used on the altar. On the base of the candlesticks reads an inscription: 'Confrérie de la Trinite', 1597 (brotherhood of the Trinity). This could be associated with the 'Orde des Trinitaires', a Catholic mendicant order. This religious order was founded in the 12th century in the Monastery of Cerfroid, just outside Paris. Perhaps these candlesticks served on the altar of a church associated with this order. Given the inscription these candlesticks were donated to the order. They were made in the late 15th, early 16th century.


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