Zick workshop, turned ivory sculpture

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Germany, Nuremberg
Second half 17th century
ivory, iron
8.7 cm
4.5 cm

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This turned ivory sculpture is carved with a figurative head in the form of a Turk, with inlaid metal eyes. The Zick family originated from Nuremberg, where during the late 16th until the 18th century members of the Zick family worked as ivory turners. Probably the dynasty started with Peter Zick I (1571-1629), who was known for his ivory drinking vessels. The tradition was continued by his son Lorenz Zick (1594-1666) and grandson Stephan Zick (1639-1715), who was famous for his ivory models of pregnant women. The family's activities made Nuremberg, beside Regensburg and Dresden, one of Germany's most important centres for the manufacture of ivory works of art.

Cites no: 22NL307694/20


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