Blue and white jar and cover with 'Hundred Antiques' pattern

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Kangxi Period, 1662 - 1722
16 cm
12.2 cm

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This blue and white jar and cover is decorated with two panels with a ‘Hundred Antiques’ pattern, in a vibrant and deep underglaze blue. Surrounding the panels are crackled ice and prunus blossoms decoration. The cover of the jar is decorated in a similar pattern, with a flattened circular finial.

The Chinese ‘ Hundred Antiques’ pattern became popular in the 17th century. It is a collection of emblematic forms of the Eight Treasures, the Four Treasures of Study and the symbols of the Four Arts, with representations of scholar’s objects, flowers, animals, ritual bronzes and ceramics. On this blue and white jar are, among others, vases, scrolls, a book, peacock plums, rhinoceros horns, tripod vessels, a mirror and the open lozenge symbol.  

See for a jar and cover of similar shape and pattern of the ‘Hundred Antiques’, without the crackled ice design, the collection of the Metropolitan Museum, New York, inv. no. 29.149.19a,b. 


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