Green glass roemer

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The Netherlands or Germany
First half 17th century
11.9 cm
9.1 cm

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This 17th century green glass roemer stands on a high, concave foot of coiled glass thread with a high punt. The cylindrical shaft is blown in one piece with the bowl-shaped chalice. The transition from shaft to bowl is marked by a milled thread. On the shaft are two rows of four distinct raspberry prunts.

The characteristic shape of the roemer with a foot made of glass wire and a shaft with knobs originated from the German berkemeyer. This glass with a wide stem set with thorny knobs and a funnel-shaped bowl was made from the 15th century onwards. At the beginning of the 17th century, the thorny knobs changed into stamped raspberry prunts. According to tradition, the knobs on the rummer gave more grip to the glass for hands that were greasy from eating. Most green glasses came from Germany, but by the end of the 16th century workshops producing green glass were also established in the Netherlands. 

Diameter cuppa: 9.1 cm, diameter foot: 7.4 cm


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