Marten Ryckaert, 'A wooded landscape with Abraham expelling Hagar and Ismael'

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Early 17th century
Oil on panel
47 cm
64.8 cm

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In this painting by Marten Ryckaert (Antwerp 1587 - 1631), Abraham, Hagar and Ishmael are depicted in a contemporary, wooded landscape. In the middle of the scene is a bridge, with on the left Abraham sending away the weeping Hagar and her son Ishmael, and on the right a man on a heavily laden donkey, a walking man and a dog. In front of the farm on the right are a woman and child, possibly Sarah, Abraham's wife, and her son Isaac. Abraham and Hagar are dressed in precious fabrics. The foliage of the trees, the atmospheric Italianate landscape, the low horizon and the houses in the background are typical of the work of the Antwerp-based Ryckaert, who was inspired by Jan Brueghel I and Paul Bril. On the back of the work are the brands of Antwerp and the panel maker Guillaume Gabron.

Marten Ryckaert was the son of David Ryckaert the Elder, with whom he was an apprentice, and nephew of the genre painter David Ryckaert the Younger. The Italian style that recurs in many of his works may have been inspired by a probable trip to Italy around 1605-1610 and by the works of painter Paul Bril, who produced many works in this style. The compositions of a number of Ryckaert's works can be traced back to known works by Brueghel. In 1611, Ryckaert joined the Guild of St Luke in Antwerp, where he was known as 'the painter with one arm'. Despite his handicap, he was a highly productive artist whose landscapes of ruins, mountains, waterfalls and views of idyllic valleys were much appreciated. A portrait of Ryckaert by the hand of friend Anthony van Dyck is now in the Museo del Prado, Madrid.

A certificate of authenticity by Luuk Pijl is available.


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