Parcel gilt silver beaker of Grigory Dmitriyevich Stroganov

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Partly gilded silver
Mark of Amsterdam, mark of Roelof Pietersz. van Embden de Vries, yearmark L for 1663

G.A. Markova, ‘Dutch Silver, The armory and its treasures’, the Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum-Monuments, Moskou 2003, p. 87 - 93, cat. no. 33, 34, 35.


See collection Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum (inv. no. M3-9, M3-35, M3-36, M3-52) for silver objects belonging to the same collection of Stroganov.

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This partially gilded silver cylindrical beaker is decorated with three flowers in full bloom in relief: a poppy, a tulip and a daffodil. The cylindrical foot is tapered. On the gilded rim is written in Cyrillic: 'drinking cup for the distinguished Mr Grigory Dimitrijevich Stroganov'. The cup is part of a collection of twenty precious silver objects, including candlesticks, goblets and tankards, with the same organic motif.

These objects, made by the Dutch silversmith Roelof Pietersz. van Emden van Vries, belonged to Grigory Dimitrijevich Stroganov (1656 - 1715), a prominent member of the Russian elite during Peter the Great's reign and the largest Russian landowner after the Tsar. A part of this group of objects is currently in the collection of the collection of the Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum. Peter the Great was the first Russian tsar to peacefully visit Western Europe, with the aim of gaining knowledge in general and especially in the maritime field. During this journey, also known as the Great Embassy (1697-1698), Peter the Great, partly incognito, visited England, Austria, Brandenburg and the Netherlands together with a delegation. The Tsar was particularly charmed by the Netherlands and in 1710 Dutch even became the official language at the Russian court. This Amsterdam beaker with Russian inscription was part of a gift from the Dutch representatives to the Russians. This collection of silver was taken back to Russia and became part of the collection of the Kremlin. The Cyrillic text's inscription is done in Russia; it is possible that the Tsar gifted the collection of silver to Stroganov, and his name was added. The possession of precious silver was reserved to a selected group of noble families surrounding the Tsar.  

The silver beaker was attributed to silversmith Lucas Draef by Van Ravenstein (Haarlem) in 1993. Recent research shows that the cup was part of the collection of Stroganov. Part of this collection is now in the Moscow Kremlin Museum.   


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