Marble bust of a young Bacchic faun

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Early 18th century
carrara marble
20.3 cm

Christie’s, London, 11 April 1990, lot 47
The Eric Albada Jelgersma Collection

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The young faun is carved with large, animal like, ears and a garland made of leaves and grapes on his head. An animal pelt is draped over his shoulder.

The faun is a creature of Roman mythology, and depicited as half-man and half-goat, belonging to the entourage of the god Bacchus. This wine-loving god, his Greek counterpart is Dionysus, was god of, among others, the grapes, wine, fertility, festivity and theatre. The most well-known festivals in honour of Bacchus were the Bachanalia in ancient Rome. The depictions of Bacchus and fauns received renewed interest in the Renaissance and became loved subjects for art. 


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