Two silver-gilt plaques depicting the Resurrection and the Bearing of the Cross by Arent van Bolten van Swol

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Zwolle, Northern-Netherlands
Gilt silver

'Plaque' by Arent van Bolten in the collection of the V&A Museum, London. Acc. No.: M.2-1971

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Two plaques from a series depicting the suffering of Christ, showing the Bearing of the Cross and the Resurrection. The bearing of the cross refers to Jesus' journey carrying the cross to Golgotha for crucifixion. It symbolizes his sacrifice and suffering for humanity's redemption. Jesus endured physical exhaustion, falls, and humiliation along the way. This event holds deep significance in Christian theology, emphasizing Jesus' selfless love and the cost of redemption.

The plaques were made by master Arent van Bolten van Swol (also known as monogrammist AVB) Silversmith, sculptor and designer from Zwolle. Training unknown. A few bronzes and plaquettes survive with his monogram 'AVB', and a few prints after him published by Pierre Firens. But the bulk of his output is in the BM album Sloane 5217, which belongs to the group of albums assembled by a Dutch collector that is dated 1637; consisting mainly of grotesque figures and designs for silverwork. Probably in Rome between 1596 and 1602, married in Zwolle in 1603.


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